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Bring on the clouds!



eJuice – Virgin Vapor – Organic Naked Vanilla

Virgin Vapor – Made In The USA –


Organic Naked Vanilla – 100% VG – 12MG

I have to give the credit to IndoorSmokers on this find. I was watching a few videos over on his YouTube channel and there it was. Virgin Vapor – An all organic, 100% VG using pure extracts with no alcohol, vegan, sugar free, gluten free, no coloring, fillers, diluting or preservatives. Whew! that was a mouth full.

It is pure heaven in a bottle, this is my absolute, bar none, fight for the last bottle and take no prisoners favorite eJuice to date, It makes amazing vapor clouds that float around you making you smile, all the while nearly forcing you to take another puff. Fragrant, full bodied and rich, you can taste cream flavor on your tongue as if you were actually sipping at a creamy drink. I could go on and on about this one but I think what is said already is review enough.

Test Equipment: Innokin VTR at 14 watts using an Innokin iClear 30s at 2.1 Ohms.

Throat Hit – Nearly None

I would definitely recommend this to anyone and even encourage you to just order a sampler from Virgin Vapor and include this as one of your sections.  Virgin Vapor Sample Pack

9-1/2 Stars – Highly Recommended

Bring on the clouds,




eJuice – Mt. Pocono Vapes – French Vanilla

Mt. Ponono Vapes – Made In The USA –


French Vanila – 80% VG – 20%PG – 18MG

OK, OK, I’ll admit it, I’m truly a vanilla eJuice fanatic, I try vanilla eliquids every chance I get and have even been able to stand it up to 50/50 VG/PG which is rare for me. I have my favorites of course but today I’m sticking to Mt. Pocono Vapes French Vanilla.

I used an 80% VG 20%PG blend for my test bottle from Mt. Pocono and I vaped an entire bottle before writing this so I have a pretty damn good feel for the stuff. This vanilla is truly tasty and I could use it every day and in all truthfulness have since I got through an entire bottle so quickly.

Test Equipment: Innokin VTR at 9 watts topped with an Innokin iClear 30s at 2.1 Ohms (I tested all the way up to 14 watts but found the sweet spot for me was at 9 watts)

Vapor production is exceptional as expected, and the vanilla is still rich and full even at higher VG content. The scent carries in the air much like the Black Cherry Berry I tested recently and had quite a few curious people inquire about it. (Sometimes, it’s the VTR that they just have to ask “What the hell is that?” but many smelled the vanilla peaking their curiosity.) It does seem to suffer a little from VG taste loss that’s so common at high amounts, more so when I tried it in the Protank2 than the iClear30s probably due to the different coil types. Additionally, throat hit is super mild in this formulation.

In the end I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this one to anyone, it’s a safe buy if you’re a vanilla fan but I would remind you to let it steep a little as the taste improved for me after a little air time was allowed.


Bring on the clouds,


eJuice – Mt. Pocono Vapes – Black Cherry Berry


Mt. Ponono Vapes – Made In The USA –

Black Cherry Berry – 80% VG – 20%PG – 18MG

I’m quite sensitive to PG content and have found that 20% PG is my upper limit as far as vaping an entire bottle or being an everyday vape.

That being said, I chose the Black Cherry Berry in an 80% VG 20%PG blend for my test bottle from Mt. Pocono. I vaped a generous portion, probably 3 fills before writing this and became quite fond of it. I know steeping is a debatable topic in the vapng community but it seemed to make a difference in the taste of this one for me. Even with the higher VG content it has deep rich cherry flavor in every hit coming from my Innokin VTR at 9 watts topped by a KangerTech Protank 2 at 2.3 Ohms.

Monstrous is the only way to describe the vapor clouds coming off of the drip tip from the Protank 2 and filled the air with a wonderful cherry scent that visitors enjoyed smelling and were complimentary of. Though higher VG content typically mutes flavoring it didn’t seem to best this delightful tasting liquid that I found myself wanting to load up on every day for an all day vape that satisfied me without exception. Throat hit is almost non-existent in this formulation.

All in all I would have to say this is one that I favor and would give it a a strong 7 stars approaching 8.

7-1/2 Stars – RECOMMENDED

Bring on the clouds,


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